$12,095 raised at our
Third Silent Auction

Saturday, November 3, 2012
Tulalip Resort & Casino - Tulalip, WA

Thank you for your support!
All proceeds from the Silent Auction
will help support the
2013 Native Art Grant Cycle!

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Preston Singletary, Studio Tour

  six bottles of wine from - Walla Walla Vintners

Fred Lauth, Sr., Raven Transforming

  A night's stay at the Willows Lodge

Fox Anthony Spears, Dip Net I

Lawrence R. Ahvakana, Spirit Dancers

Sondra Simone Segundo, Custom Tattoo

Andrew Morrison, Princess

Aurolyn Stwyer, Red Hummingbird

Shaun Peterson, Studio Tour

  a visit to Shaun's Welcome Figure in Tacoma

Odin Lonning, Fog Woman

Kaila Rose Farrell-Smith, The World of Lil' Coqs

Get Away From It All (Package for Two)

John Mullen, Snoqualmie River Canoe Trip

Lauren Monroe, Split Horn

Fox Anthony Spears, Son Factory I

Charles W Bloomfield, MC, MPA, FRED

Roger Fernandes, Storytelling

Andrew Morrison, Boy Soldier

Matika Wilbur, We Emerge Series - My Mom

Griggs, Looks Within

Donated by:
  Red Lodge Transition Services

Dr. Charlotte Coté, Woven Cedar Bark Paddle

  Spirits of our Whaling Ancestors by Dr. Coté

Aurolyn Stwyer, Seven-rings

Marvin Oliver, 100 Canoes

S.R.C.I., Inuit Baby

Donated by:
  Friends of Red Lodge

Joe Seymour, Jr., Serpent

  Private Wine Tasting - HOODSPORT

Fox Anthony Spears, Dip Net II

Andrew Morrison, Full Breed

Marlene Simla, Spearfish

Digital Navajo

Shaun Peterson, Moon Guardians

Donated by:
  The Legacy

Kha Che Chee, Medicine Dance

Donated by:
  Red Lodge Transition Services

The Multiple Award Winning Steak House

Kaila Farrell-Smith, Going Home

Donated by:
  Red Lodge Transition Services

Sean Gallagher, Teaser Mask

Toma Villa Sohappy, She Who is Watching

Donated by:
  Kanim Associates LLC

Marlene Simla, Yakama Maiden and Parade Horse

Aurolyn Stwyer, Abalone Etched- Rose

Lomboy, Flathead Child

Donated by:
  Red Lodge Transition Services

Jesse Rude,
Original Design "Kia-Kia" Toms Shoes

Shaun Peterson, Wolf Brothers

Donated by:
  The Legacy

Aurolyn Stwyer,
Canoe Paddle with Eagle Feather Design

Dirk, Love Your Mother

Donated by:
  Red Lodge Transition Services

Erin Genia,
Grey Cloud Woman Bringing Rain

Donna M. Huff-Ahvakana, Bits n Pieces

Heather Johnson-Jock,
“Honoring Our Ancestors” Salish Hand-woven Shawl

Meredith Parker,
Sunset from the Wa-atch River

John Edward Smith, Serpent Journey Paddle

Douglas James, Orca Emerges

Tulalip Resort, Overnight Stay