Language Preservation and Education Grant History

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2018 Grantees
Ten grantees in Washington, Oregon, and Montana received a total of $90,000 with funding provided by the NoVo Foundation, the City of Seattle Human Services Department, and an anonymous donor. All grants are in support of developing a strategic plan focused on establishing a language transfer mechanism specific to the community served.

Aa Nii Nak, Inc.
Hays, MT - $8,334

Burns Paiute Tribe: Culture & Heritage Department
Burns, OR - $10,000

Crow Language Consortium
Hardin, MT - $10,000

Haida Heritage Foundation
Seattle, WA - $10,000

Little Shell Tribe: Education Department
Great Falls, MT - $10,000

Lummi Early Learning Programs
Bellingham, WA - $5,000

Palouse Project
Warm Springs, OR - $8,333

Quileute Tribe: Education Department
La Push, WA - $8,333

Spokane Language House
Spokane, WA - $10,000

The Suquamish Tribe: Language Department
Suquamish, WA - $10,000

2017 Grantees
Nine grantees in Washington, Oregon, and Montana received a total of $84,397 with funding provided by the Indigenous People's Fund of Tides Foundation and an anonymous donor. All grants are in support of community level language assessments.

Aa Nii Nak, Inc.
Hays, MT - $8,679

Burns Paiute Tribe: Culture & Heritage
Burns, OR - $10,000

Colville Confederated Tribes: Language
Nespelem, WA - $10,000

Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs: Culture & Heritage
Warm Springs, OR - $10,000

Crow Language Consortium
Hardin, MT - $8,679

Haida Heritage Foundation
Seattle, WA - $8,679

Kalispel Indian Tribe: Planning
Usk, WA - $10,000

Little Shell Tribe: Education Department
Great Falls, MT - $10,000

Spokane Language House
Spokane, WA - $8,360

2016 Grantees

Eleven grantees in Washington, Oregon, and Montana received a total of $51,283 with funding provided by an anonymous donor, and an anonymous foundation.

Aa Nii Nak, Inc.
Hays, MT - $3,400
AA Nii Nak, Inc. is a new organization created to work towards language revitalization of the Aa Nii as well as preserve indigenous stories from elders. Of the total number of tribally enrolled Aa Nii members, less than one percent speak the Aa Nii language. Funding will support for the translation of stories, of four Aa Nii elders, from English to Aa Nii.

Buffalo Tongue
Bozeman, MT - $5,000
Funding to create an Augmented Reality enhanced short children's book (ages 6 and up) about communal bison hunting. The physical book will showcase traditional knowledge about bison hunting, culture, language, and land of various Native American nations in Montana. The physical book will be enhanced with 3D animations, songs, and oral history narration using Augmented Reality technology accessible through a smartphone app paired with the physical book.

Crow Language Consortium
Crow Agency, MT - $5,000
Funding for the Crow Language Consortium partnership, with the Language Conservancy in a unified plan, to preserve and revitalize the Apsáalooke language. This plan includes production of a dictionary that is linguistically correct, accessible for both adults and youth language learners, and digitized in the form of a mobile application.

Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians: Language and Traditional Arts
Siletz, OR - $4,995
Funding to bring together and strengthen inter-generational connections among the Siletz-Athabascan speaking community through language immersion speaking sessions, recording language immersion activities, and creating short instructional videos (and other materials) designed to foster daily language use among Siletz Athabascan language learners.

Ichishskin Sinwit Institute
Seattle, WA - $5,000
Funding to support a cohort of children, aged 3 to 5, who attend the Heritage University pre-school. In daily lessons of Ichishskin language immersion, the curriculum uses traditional stories and hands-on tools to teach the young learners about their lands, their animal and plant relatives, and their unique value and place in their tribe.

Little Shell Tribe Language Preservation Pilot Program
Great Falls, MT - $5,000
Funding to provide teacher education/training and Ojibwe language preservation to benefit Great Falls Head Start and the greater urban community. The project will take teachers to observe immersion schools in Minnesota and to record Ojibwe speaking elders in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada.

Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe: Language Program
Port Angeles, WA - $5,000
Funding for a mentor teacher to work with our language and culture program staff on developing a Klallam Language, History & Culture Curriculum. This curriculum would include a 40 page textbook written by a Tribal member, with 10 accompanying lessons plans designed by school and Tribal educators that are aligned with the Washington State Common Core Standards.

Quileute Tribe: Education
La Push, WA - $5,000
Funding to support Quileute Language instruction and preservation efforts by enabling regularly scheduled classes, production of video materials for language and cultural expression, and supporting the online delivery of language resources.

Sacred Roots Language Society
Missoula, MT - $5,000
Funding for the 2nd Annual Language and Culture Conference, which will serve Native communities by bringing together Tribes to talk about indigenous language revitalization. After the conference Sacred Roots Language Society will be able to work on more material and curriculum for teaching aids in our own languages.

Tulalip Tribes: Lushootseed
Tulalip, WA - $4,888
Funding to purchase tablets to utilize the latest technology to teach our Lushootseed Language to our Tribal community. This will expand and reinforce what the youth are already learning in the classroom by allowing them to create stories and text back and forth in their traditional language.

Tulalip Tribes: Betty J. Taylor Early Learning Academy
Tulalip, WA - $3,000
Funding to participate in a learning opportunity focused on better and "best practice" options for culture and language, which will be implemented at the Tribe's Early Learning Academy

2015 Grantees

Spring Cycle: Eleven grantees in Washington, Montana, and Idaho received a total of $52,300 with funding provided by an anonymous donor, and an anonymous foundation.

2015 Fall Awardee Poster

Aa Nii Nak, Inc.
Hays, MT - $5000
Aa Nii Language Preservation This project proposes to purchase 4 I Pad Airs to record at least 6 elders stories. Funds will be used for expenses related to this project.

Fox Island, WA - $5000
Sugpiat Language Learners This request will be used to learn, revitalize and maintain the Sugpiat language. Funds will be used to further our language programs performance and output standards: language classes, immersion camps and creation and publication of curricula.

Blackfeet Community College
Browning, MT - $5000
Digital Language Preservation The Digital Preservation Project captures and preserves the Blackfeet Language via video. After documenting elders sharing key phrases, words, and stories in the native tongue, we will apply English translations and post for the public.

Ichishkin Institute
Seattle, WA - $5000
Creating an immersion curriculum Ichishkin Sinwit traveled to learn from other immersion programs and began a curriculum. We are developing it further now.

Inchelium Language and Culture Association
Inchelium, WA - $5000
The Inchelium Pit House "Language Immersion Project" The Inchelium Language and Culture Association (ILCA) has both an unquenchable love for Nsyilxcn (The Colville/Lakes dialect of Interior Salish) and for the culture of the Syilx people, we are dedicated to the dream that our language and culture will survive for generations to come.

Ke Kukui Foundation
Vancouver, WA - $5000
Mālama o ke keiki (Take care of the children) Ke Kukui Foundation wants to unite our children of Native Hawaiians and Hawaii natives to create awareness in the sharing of our culture through our programs.

Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe: Culture and Language
Port Angeles, WA - $5000
Family Klallam Language Classes Family Language Classes will be held twice a month for two hours each in the tribal day care building

Nez Perce Tribe: Education: Students for Success Program
Lapwai, ID - $4800
Nimiipuu Waliimsamq'it (Nez Perce Traditional Clothing (regalia) The key aspects of this project are to build and strengthen the youth's cultural identity and self-esteem, connect them with their elders, and begin to learn the Nez Perce language.

Nooksack Indian Tribe: Education
Deming, WA - $3000
Intergenerational Knowledge The purpose is to teach 8-10 youth to weave cedar baskets and to encourage traditional arts by painting. Each youth will create one basket and painting, one of which will be gifted to an Elder during the Nooksack Thanksgiving Feast.

Piegan Institute
Browning, MT - $5000
Niitsiipoo'sin Project On July 6-7, 2015 the Piegan Institute would like to highlight the twenty-year anniversary of the Cuts Wood Academy (1995) by celebrating with a youth cultural and language summer camp during the North American Indian Days Celebration.

The Kalispel Tribe: Camas Early Learning Center
Usk, WA - $4500
Salish Family Fun Nights The program will conduct bi-weekly Salish Family Fun Nights in order to strengthen Kalispel Salish speaking interactions in the home by including parents and family members in language learning.

2014 Grantees

Fall Cycle: Seven grantees in Washington, Oregon, and Montana received a total of $31,500 with funding provided by an anonymous donor, and an anonymous foundation.

Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs: Culture and Heritage
Warm Springs, OR - $5,000
Support for teacher kits and supplies for language school Nchi Wana: A Tribal History Project for Preschool children.

Hearts Gathered
Usk, WA - $5,000
Support funds toward third-grade level language materials for classroom materials and internal support for bookkeeper financial setup of nonprofit work

Na'ah Illahee Fund
Seattle, WA - $5,000
Support for "Elders-as-Teachers" Ichishkin -Sahaptin language project to work with elders to formulate a working curriculum with elders with hope of future Ixhishkin language immersion school.

Salish School of Spokane
Spokane, WA - $5,000
Support for Salish Language teach training project which will provide instruction and teaching practice each day with the goal to increase proficiency at end of project.

The Salish Institute
St. Ignatius, MT - $5,000
Support for Winter Coyote Storytelling Camp and Salish youth storytelling workshop with performance in Salish Language.

Klamath Tribe: Culture and Heritage Department
Chiloquin, OR - $4,500
Support for computer equipment and technology to write lesion plans, "widgets" that provide access to written language lessons for all learners the ability to access language materials on computers.

North American Indian Alliance
Butte, MT - $2,000
Support for digital language cd's and books on Blackfeet and Northern Cheyenne for educational language enrichment program.

Spring Cycle: Three grantees in Washington and Montana received a total of $14,500 with funding provided by an anonymous donor, and an anonymous foundation.

Nkwusm Salish Language School
Arlee, MT - $5,000
Support to hold workshops on drumming, singing, drumstick construction, bow & art, drying of meat using the Salish language.

Spokane Tribe: Language & Culture Program
Spokane, WA - $5,000
Support to complete the 2nd edition of the Spokane Language Dictionary and ready it for publishing.

Kalispel Tribe of Indians: Camas Early Learning
Usk, WA - $4,500
Support to conduct bi-weekly Salish Family Fund Nights to increase speaking interactions within the home between parent and child.

2013 Grantees

Fall Cycle: Eight grantees in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana received a total of $30,000 in funding.

Blackfeet Community College
Browning, MT - $4,937.50
General support will provide compensation for Elder language speakers to continue documenting the philosophical meanings of the Blackfeet language and assist with creating a progressive curriculum.

Confederated Tribes & Band of the Yakama Nation: Toppenish School District
Toppenish, WA - $3,937.50
Support for Yakama "Eagle High School" interactive language software to supply the Sohaptin Language fonts on iPod, computers, and handheld audio recordings programs.

Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs: Culture and Heritage Dept
Warm Springs, OR - $4,937.50
Support for a "Nature view of Science" program that translates materials into Ichishkiin Language located at the Autni Ichishkiin Sapsikwat full immersion Language Pre-School.

Hearts Gathered
Omak, WA - $2,437.50
Support for educational language materials for Waterfall School "nselxcin", Salish dialect immersion school located on Colville Reservation.

Makah Cultural Research Center
Neah Bay, WA - $2,437.50
Support for site visit to learn immersion school techniques to start up a language immersion school.

Nooksack Indian Tribe: Social Services Department
Deming, WA - $2,437.50
Support for publication costs to reprint language instruction CDs recorded by younger Native speakers who will glean the meaning and correct pronunciation of language words with Elders and Cultural Committee.

Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe: Cultural Resources Department
Kingston, WA - $3,937.50
Support for reprint costs for S'Klallam Head Start beginning language project called "Natural World: Land, Sea and Sky" book covering alphabet, colors, numbers, and incorporating nature in the beginner language.

Snoqualmie Tribe: Language Department
Snoqualmie, WA - $4,937.50
Support for four full weekend Lushootseed language immersions to include sharing circles, children's activities; language next modeling's, pronunciation and other language practices.

Spring Cycle: Seven grantees in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana received a total of $30,000 in funding.

Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation: Language Program
Pendleton, OR - $3,750
Support for CTUIR Language Program staff to receive training on how to use the ACORN software from the Nez Perce Language Program to computerize their language lessons.

Inchelium Language and Culture Association
Omak, WA - $5,000
Support for the Nselxcin Summer Immersion Teacher Training & Language Camp for new language teachers and learners.

Kalispel Tribe of Indians
Usk, WA - $5,000
Support for the Recording Our Salish Elders program that will seek to preserve and document the Kalispel language by establishing a library of transcribed and translated audio & video recordings.

Nez Perce Tribe: Language Program
Lapwai, ID - $3,750
Support for the production of ten Niimiipu stories/legends into an illustrated book that will be shared with the community and language program partners.

The Salish Institute
St. Ignatius, MT - $3,750
Support for a project to transcribe and translate recordings of Salish stories into curriculum being co-developed between the Salish Institute and Nkwusm.

Salish School of Spokane
Spokane, WA - $5,000
Support for the creation and distribution of illustrated children's books & the training of Native youth to act as literacy mentors for Native children.

Squaxin Island Museum
Shelton, WA - $3,750
Support for the MLRC Language Program to extend Lushootseed classes to Elders and Native families with young children using hands-on teaching methods.